How is Refined Ideas Different?

Many design agencies will limit the amount of edits you allowed when working on a design. However, I feel like this cripples the creative process, as clients may become nervous about going beyond their allotted rounds of edits. Good design is a journey and sometimes it takes a bit longer to capture the vision clients come to me with. And other times we get it right on the first try. There is no one-size-fits-all approach and I want to insure each design is exactly what you are looking for. Unless you have a tight deadline, I will re-work each design as many times as needed until we get it right.

Every business and project is different, so the below prices are to give you a ballpark reference point. For a more precise quote, contact me to discuss the scope of your design needs.

Project based pricing


(1) Front & Back Trifold
(1) 8.5" x 11" Flier


Catalogs / Manuals

Multipage Documents

Anything with more pages than just a "front & back"


Logos / Branding

Whether you need an update, overhaul, or something brand new... I can help make sure your logo is as unique as you.

Usually packaged with business cards and other branding materials.



Catch people's attention with one of the most popular forms forms of marketing.



I will build your website using a platform you are able to easily update if desired. I also can write much of the content and take any photos necessary.


Trade Show Booths

You want to stand out from the crowd while also relaying valuable information to your booth visitors. And good design is how to achieve both.

Contact me with what you have in mind as trade show booths can vary greatly.

Contact for Pricing


Have a document already, but need some changes?
I'd be happy to help!


Hire me

Want professional marketing collateral without the expense of hiring a full-time designer?

I can design whatever you need for less than a QUARTER of the cost of a full-time employee.

My business is built upon being fast, reliable, and immersed in your brand. By learning or even developing your brand's voice I am able to show your clients what your product is in a professional manner. Print is not dead and your potential clients still want to hold a brochure or page through a catalog. But that doesn't mean your business can rely solely on print anymore either. Digital marketing whether it be social media or digital brochures are essential for every business.

Why hire me vs a cheaper entry level designer? Well to put it simply, I'm faster. I've had years to hone my skills, so you will get a better product in less time. Entry level designers don't always know all the things printers require, correct resolutions for different types of projects, and can run up your bill with the extra time it takes to fix problems. I've had several clients ask me "Did it really only take you x hours?" Yes, and that's because I've had years of experience with great instructors.


If you are unsure if we will be a good match, just give me a call and we can discuss options. If you have small project you want to test the waters with, I'm fine with that too. I think you'll find I can handle whatever you need designed.

AN experienced designer will cost you less.

Just fill out the form below to HIRE ME, ask questions, or get a quote.