Anyways, have you ever had a client that you've begun working with and think, "Man, I've hit the jackpot". Well Marr Land Services was one of those clients for me. And I don't mean it like they were paying the big bucks for a huge project. I've had larger contracts. In fact "contracts" is exactly what I mean... I didn't need one with him. He was one of those clients that I knew in my gut was trustworthy. I don't like to operate without a contract, but once in awhile when the job is straightforward and the client has a trusted recommendation like the one Marr Land Services came with, I just roll with it. And roll with it, we did! Jared was one of those dream clients that gave me enough info to get the job done and then was happy with the results I came up with. It's refreshing to have a client that trusts my professional recommendations and also has the information I need to design the project ready to go. What started out as a logo design snowballed into business cards, tri-folds, rack cards, a website, yard signs, vehicle magnets, and mailers. I also had to get Jared some apparel to rep his new brand and when my husband saw me working on the hats, he made me order one for him too! I love creating the advertising assets for a new company, so it was a joy creating the Marr Land Services brand. Thanks for being wonderful to work with Jared!

If you have a need for land services such as land clearing, driveways, materials (dirt, sand, gravel, or pest control for mosquitos, ticks, and rodents — reach out to Jared at Marr Land Services. Because I'm sure he's not only a "jackpot" client, but a wonderful service provider as well.

Check out his website here:

Check out the cool assets we created together below.