Hi, I'm heidi

my journey as THE refiner started like this...

Ok, so “the refiner” is a little cheesy, I admit it. So that's why I went with Refined Ideas instead. Anyway, nice to meet you! I’m Heidi the founder of Refined Ideas. There is a passion burning in me to help small businesses achieve their goals. I grew up with parents who ran a company and have been enamored with the opportunities being a business owner offers. But we both know, it’s hard work! My goal is to provide your brand with the tools necessary to put you a step above the rest, leaving you free to do what you do best. Graphic design is about more than "being creative" but is really solving the problem of how to share your brand with your clientele. The goal is to create easy to understand materials that happen to be easy on the eyes as well.

Our Philosophy

Refine your ideas through graphic design and photography

Refined Ideas is all about YOUR ideas. Our services are geared to provide what YOU are looking for.

We will help ensure your target audience sees the passion you have for your company through the beautiful designs and marketing we provide.

Images of your products in staged, studio environments, ideal for marketing materials and catalogs. Think white box.

Photographing your products in the real world how they are meant to be used.

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Swan Creek equestrian center

“Did you hear my squeal of delight across the internet? LOVE IT! By the way, I have shown a few people the logo and everyone has LOVED it!!”

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